Initial stages of adoption

Initial stages of adoption

It is many years since we adopted our daughter but recently I have been thinking about the whole process. I have been thinking back to the initial,early stages when we were so excited. We had embarked on the process initially wanting to foster, but we soon realised that to make the most difference to a child’s life we would need to put in a lot of emotional energy, and we also felt that it would be hard to do this with a child that we knew was moving on. So we decided to adopt.

This was not a simple decision as we already had a happy family with two children. Why did we make this decision ? It seemed simple at the time. We had been lucky, we had two birth children, we felt that we could help by providing a loving and stable home for a child that had not had this. So we made a positive choice to adopt rather than have our own third child. Looking back this was a very naive decision but at the time it seemed the logical and right thing to do.

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